Annette Barrett- Intuitive Counselor

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Annette’s instinctive ability to spot and develop creative potential combined with her dedication and loyalty has made her a trusted confidant to her peers.

She has made it her mission to counsel and advise professionals on crucial career and life decisions. This has resulted in many awards for the artists and writers she has mentored throughout her career.

“Mentoring practical changes
to explore creative solutions.”
— Annette

I use my instinctive ability to guide and develop your creative potential, offering counsel and advice on crucial career and life decisions. We work together in one on one sessions to move past old fears  and limiting choices. Annette's services are currently only available for European clients. 


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“I owe much of my career to Annette Barrett. In 1997, still early in my career as a performing artist, she signed me to a publishing deal in the UK at Warner/Chappell. I knew that Annette had worked with artists like David Bowie, Madonna and Sting, and to me, she embodied everything that was good about the industry. She ‘got’ what I was doing right away, and through her tutelage I developed my sound, connected with established managers, and subsequently got a record deal. Her positive influence as a mentor and role model were instrumental in my formative years as an artist, and gave me a glimpse of the kind of creative career one can have in music as an executive.”
— Spek