Francesca Vuillemin- Astrologer

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Francesca Vuillemin’s vast knowledge of astrology allows her to interpret and share insights with her clients on how to work with planetary motions. Her goal is to empower and motivate by understanding how the heavenly bodies can assist us.

Francesca provides a written progressed chart outlining the planetary positions prior to the reading via phone. Her workshops specialize in navigating retrograde planets to achieve your maximum potentiality.

She is a member of The American Federation of Astrologers.

“Looking at your current astrological positions in order to navigate life’s challenges.”
— Francesca

Francesca provides written progressed charts in PDF form and guidance on how to work with planetary transits. Readings are done by phone.


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“I would like to express my gratitude towards Francesca’s amazing Astrological Progressed Chart. In the beginning I must say I was a little hesitant about having one done. But so glad I did. She is a truly gifted woman! Spot on about everything she wrote. Everything I read was happening at that very moment and each day forward. One thing led to another, one door closed, one door opened.She truly has a amazingly powerful gift to offer humanity. Her extreme diligence and thoroughness is truly inspiring.”
— Karen Anne
“I had the opportunity to work with Francesca on my progressed chart recently during a particularly difficult transition in my life. I was struggling with career transition and wanted to get clarity for the year ahead. Francesca delivered a comprehensive chart and carefully walked me through each of the progressed planetary positions and the impact that I might encounter in the coming year. I have to say that three weeks into the new year I have already experienced many of her insights. The experience has been highly transformative for me and my personal outlook. I highly recommend engaging Francesca if you are seeking clarity and insight in your life.”
— Leah H.


These consultations are based purely on astrological principles. Since astrology is subject to individual interpretations Life Essence Council does not make any warranties on the accuracy or interpretations, which anyone may make of these consultation reports. These consultations, therefore, have no legal or contractual significance.