Michelle Cohen-Coté- Integrative Movement Specialist & Analyst


Michelle Cohen-Coté, founder of the Movement Forest and Body Think Tank, is an integrative movement specialist and analyst. She is a thought leader in the fields of movement, dance, wellness, and nonverbal communication. 

Michelle has a private practice in New York City, where she supports clients of all ages and their specific needs through deeply personalized movement and bodywork sessions combining Pilates, yoga, somatic movement, and acute body listening.

“Improve your posture, restore your movement and connect to your center through a thoughtful and customized approach that uses pilates, yoga, and Michelle’s signature method to achieve body-changing results.”
— Michelle

Michelle’s signature movement session meets you where you are with personalized attention that is compassionate, gentle, and laser focused. Sessions are designed to open blockages in the body, reduce bodily tension, and restore body movement, ultimately improving posture, balance, circulation, and a deep connection to the body-self.


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“At the start of each session Michelle discerns—with eyes, ears, and hands—how I am doing and chooses an area for the day’s focus. She draws on a profound knowledge of human anatomy and deep and wide training in schools of bodywork to plan each session’s work. With words and hands, Michelle guides me in movements that invite new ways of being. Her attention is unusually keen and her hands extraordinarily perceptive and healing: Michelle inspires the trust needed when experiencing the bewilderment that often precedes revelation and change. Gradually and steadily I have learned how to move, and to exist, with greater awareness of the body’s native alignment and functioning, and I have discovered greater strength, energy, and calm.”
— Maria
“I began seeing Michelle after being discharged from physical therapy, which had been prescribed for pain related to multiple old injuries. Michelle was sensitive to my injuries and knowledgeable about how to work with me despite my many physical restrictions. She progressed slowly, never pushing too hard, always staying within my comfort zone, yet still challenging me. She focused on muscles I didn’t even know I had and helped me to increase strength and flexibility, ultimately reducing pain levels. I literally stand two inches taller and am able to do physical things I had not been able to do since pre-injury. My work with Michelle has literally changed my life. I have the utmost trust in and respect for her.”
— Jay S.