Pier Pagano- Intuitive Counselor

Pier Pagano is an intuitive counselor who works with private clients to uncover limiting beliefs, blockages, and the reasons why people feel overwhelmed and stressed.

By understanding relationships with yourself and others, it is possible to develop tools and techniques to shift old patterns.

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“Clearing out your internal closet to move your possibilities to realities.“
— Pier

I am not a couples counselor or coach. I can help you to look at the blocks in your life from a different perspective in order to move forward.

Each session is individual, tailored to understand your goals and how you can shift your approach to achieve them.

Some people are very ready to move forward and need only one session. Others come until they feel they are comfortable and can let go of old patterns to design a more fitting blueprint. It depends on your resistance and willingness to look at choices and situations.

A session is usually about an hour, but sometimes goes a bit longer. Often I receive information after the session which I will email to you the next day.



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“Pier has such a powerful, beautiful gift. Our encounter has left me with such a profound sense and understanding of who I am now and what has happened previously to make me into who I am today. 
But her demeanor is what has stuck with me—her calm kindness. And her follow up to provide me with further incredible detail after the reading was such a wonderful touch. I’m incredibly grateful for her and her gift. 
Be prepared for the encounter with her to change you forever, she is a life changer. She’s going to give you the knowledge of who you are and who you could become to better you, to call you out if some of your behavior is holding you back. She wants you to win, to excel, to fly in this lifetime. And you might have to cut some ties that are holding you down to do so. And she’ll tell you. She betters you. 
Recommend her a million times over.”
— Kristin L.
“I’ve known Pier for over 20 years and back then I used to call her my “guardian angel”. Whenever I felt stuck in my career or creative endeavors and couldn’t see beyond, she was able to visualize numerous possibilities for me, and still does. She truly taps into the essence of the conversation.
Her gift for listening intuitively allows her to channel resources and options which in turn become prescribed guidances. After each encounter, I’ve obtained paths of possibilities to explore, study and always take away a surge of inspiration.”
— Kilsy C.